Communication strategy

But the best diffusion strategy is useless if the content does not match. This can quickly lead to an big opportunity being missed.

Likewise the production of a promising film or even a global strategy cannot begin without strategic considerations.


Your company comes first. We take into account the outcome, positioning in the market and available means to realise your project in the best possible way. The production of a film is in and of itself a mini-campaign and strengthens your brand identity.

Jouer la vidéo Piguet Galland - Cyril PorchetPiguet Galland - Cyril Porchet


Bus ads, cinema ads, news on social networks, corporate film: TPF apply a global strategy that gives video an important place. They trust us and we thank them for it!

Visible projects:
  • Train Fondue
  • TPFR - Superman
Jouer la vidéo Train FondueTrain Fondue
Jouer la vidéo TPFR - SupermanTPFR - Superman

Cash Hôtel

As one of the largest companies in the Swiss catering supplies market, Cash Hotel has distinguished itself for 25 years by its professionalism, its culture of innovation and its dynamism. An image assumed by Yvo and Sandra Bielmann in each of the ads we produce for them, whether it is an advertising film on the occasion of a participation in a fair or as part of a digital campaign.

Visible projects:
  • Cash Hôtel - The knife thrower
  • Cash Hôtel - IGHEO
Jouer la vidéo Cash Hôtel - The knife throwerCash Hôtel - The knife thrower
Jouer la vidéo Cash Hôtel - IGHEOCash Hôtel - IGHEO

Fondation Théodora

It is a pleasure to be the video partner of the Theodora Foundation for some years now. Reports, testimonies or TV commercials, even broadcast in cinemas, we accompany the Foundation's dream doctors throughout Switzerland.

Visible projects:
  • Fondation Théodora
  • Fondation Théodora - Dream Doctors
  • Fondation Théodora - 25 years Aftermovie
Jouer la vidéo Fondation Théodora Fondation Théodora
Jouer la vidéo Fondation Théodora - Dream DoctorsFondation Théodora - Dream Doctors
Jouer la vidéo Fondation Théodora - 25 years AftermovieFondation Théodora - 25 years Aftermovie


Loud and proud since 1983! We are proud of our neighbours Fri-Son, who cultivate!

Visible project:
  • Fri-Son - Programme 2017
Jouer la vidéo Fri-Son - Programme 2017Fri-Son - Programme 2017

Groupe E

A key player in the energy sector in the canton of Fribourg and in French-speaking Switzerland, Group E has trusted us for nearly 10 years. We have created different types of content for the company: advertisements, site visits, information capsules and videos for social networks.

Visible projects:
  • Groupe E - Présentation d'entreprise
  • Groupe E - Sports
  • Groupe E
Jouer la vidéo Groupe E - Présentation d'entrepriseGroupe E - Présentation d'entreprise
Jouer la vidéo Groupe E - SportsGroupe E - Sports
Jouer la vidéo Groupe E Groupe E

Gustav Academy

A singer known on both sides of the Saane, Gustav is the symbol of Freiburg and bilingual Switzerland. It is impossible to refuse a partnership when it comes to the ambitious Gustav Academy project: an academy that offers 20 musicians from French-speaking and German-speaking Switzerland the opportunity to work all year round with professionals to record an album.

Visible projects:
  • GUAC - Aftermovie 2018
  • GUAC- Inscriptions 2019
  • Larissa feat. Cinnay - Lettre aux martiens
Jouer la vidéo GUAC - Aftermovie 2018GUAC - Aftermovie 2018
Jouer la vidéo GUAC- Inscriptions 2019GUAC- Inscriptions 2019
Jouer la vidéo Larissa feat. Cinnay - Lettre aux martiensLarissa feat. Cinnay - Lettre aux martiens

Just for Smiles

Everyone is entitled to a breath of fresh air and a dose of speed or thrills. This is the credo of the Just For Smiles Foundation, which offers people with disabilities the opportunity to practice certain activities that are normally inaccessible to them. Film production was one of the relevant ways for them to show everyone the benefits of such activities in the lives of their beneficiaries.

Visible projects:
  • Just for Smiles - Didactique
  • Just for Smiles - Voile
  • Just for Smiles - Tandem Ski
Jouer la vidéo Just for Smiles - Didactique Just for Smiles - Didactique
Jouer la vidéo Just for Smiles - VoileJust for Smiles - Voile
Jouer la vidéo Just for Smiles - Tandem SkiJust for Smiles - Tandem Ski

Les Georges

Aftermovies, teaser in motion design, daily capsules, we are happy to be part of the Georges team since its beginnings, a festival that animates Fribourg city centre every summer.

Visible projects:
  • Les Georges - Publicité 2019
  • LGEO - Publicité 2018
  • Les Georges 2018 Aftermovie
Jouer la vidéo Les Georges - Publicité 2019 Les Georges - Publicité 2019
Jouer la vidéo LGEO - Publicité 2018LGEO - Publicité 2018
Jouer la vidéo Les Georges 2018 Aftermovie Les Georges 2018 Aftermovie

Piguet Galland & vous

While discretion is still required in the financial sector, banks such as Piguet Galland want to be present on social networks to court their future customers. A shift initiated in 2018 by our client in Geneva, which positions itself as a bank anchored in its time, open and close to its customers.

Visible projects:
  • Piguet Galland & vous
  • Porchet
Jouer la vidéo Piguet Galland & vous Piguet Galland & vous
Jouer la vidéo PorchetPorchet