10 Years creating your stories.

Take Off Productions sees your story in 360° and masters the background, the form and the strategy.

Our mission is to treat your creative project with a personalised approach and vision.

Together, let's define how to take your project to the heart of your audience, achieve your goals, and beyond!

Take Off Production's open space office Take Off Production's open space office

We have a PhD in creativity.
But not just that...

We also implement your strategies and launch your creative content.

Take Off Productions offers you in-house services in its entirety. From project management, to shoots, and post production, we master the entire process internally, and with unmatched turnaround times.

Streamline your creative process with us.


Behind every project hides a well-harmonised strategy. Project organisation, choice of platforms, visual and message layout. Every step is finely thought out to attain your objectives.

Creative concept

A fluid story supported by a thorough approach is the basis of creative concepts. It’s what sets you apart, increases awareness, brand visibility and ROI. But it must also fit in with your communication and strengthen it in a sustainable way. Enter the 360° creative agency.


Video has the advantage of telling your stories in an interactive and captivating way. From drones to 4K cameras, art directors, producers or DOPs, we are constantly looking for new adventures to put our 10 years of experience at your disposal.

Motion design

What is animated has life, and therefore an identity. Yours. Our motion design content is customised to the point that every image and every detail is mastered. Our range of skills is vast: animated graphics, illustration, stop motion, special effects, and 3D.

Content creation

We guide you in your communication campaigns from start to finish. Strategy, copywriting, creation of dedicated websites and SEO all happens in-house. We have the resources and tools to increase your audience’s experience and spread your message.

From Generation X to post-2000s, our team is proudly made up of different cultures.


Managing Partner & Creative Director


CEO & Film Director


Editor & Interactive Media Designer


Motion Designer


Account & marketing manager


Managing Partner


Motion Designer


Motion Designer


Camera Operator & DOP


Digital Account Manager


Interactive Media Designer


Production manager


Happiness & Quality manager




Managing Partner & Art/Film Director

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Training company

Take Off Productions is proud to be an apprentice training company. We believe that the training of new talent is essential for the sustainable development of our company and the industry.